Internship at SIX”

Taking a teaspoon of curd with little sugar is one superstition I believe in & it all started with it… Yes! My first internship ever :O 😀

I left my house with butterflies in my stomach & reached SIX” inches Communications as quick as a wink…Well, it’s LITERALLY less than 5 minutes away from my house 😀 (MAJOR PLUS POINT!! :D)

Excitedly, I entered the office & the pleasant Olive Green coloured walls appealed to me the most!
& right in front of me sat Ms. Rose whom I had already met on the day of my interview at SIX” She greeted me warmly but yet, I was anxious about how everyone else at the agency would be 😐 But soon, I was introduced to each & everyone at the agency as a ‘one month trainee under the art department’ That did sound & feel good 😀

Well, as expected, I spent that entire day & most of the following day doodling, surfing, texting, dreaming, embracing the ‘real-world’ work environment…I was given my own desk with a windows & I missed my lovely, user-friendly MAC ALOT 😦

Doodle :D :P

Unexpectedly, I was asked to make a logo a while back before it was time for me to leave & I started panicking because i had to show 5 digital options the next day itself 😐 Sleepless night for work after very long…But surprisingly, I really enjoyed myself when i began working on the logo and ended up with a gazillion options 😛 My head gave me feedback as to how I could improve it & I was given another task to work on for the day & monday also 😀

& today, the 17th of June, 2013, I obediently worked on my assignment & I’m hoping that i’ve done justice *fingers crossed*

Hoping for a bright, fresh, light day tomorrow… & also waiting eagerly for the fun times with friends & family after work at office 😛 😀